Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blogs Review:
Silken Family - Family Night and Did You Know

This seems to really be a family. One of the first posts to catch my eye was a post about Parlor Games. In some way the post is like a TV network teaser, “Stay tuned, more parlor games coming after the break.” But, the next couple of posts were about specific parlor games, including one called King Frog.

What caught my eye (and my heart) was the reference to the father having learned these parlor games as a child from his grandfather and his love of sharing these gems with unsuspecting guests. What engages me about these games is that I think their limited use these days, is at the heart of the growth of developmental problems for children around the world. These parlor games were nightly activities for families before radio, TV, and the Internet changed forever the family dynamic. These games include a type of activity that is particularly important for appropriate development of children. I am confident that the loss of these activities is directly responsible for the growth in ADHD and dyslexia and other developmental problems. So, stop watching TV and start playing Parlor Games.

Another great site in the Silken family blogs is Did You Know, which has an incredible list of did you knows . . . Each of the posts is a “did you know?” It might be a review of another blog. It might be a comment about one of the children’s successes. It might be an idea about how to keep flies away from your picnic. Did you know you could spend hours reading all those posts, and did you know they are delightful?

I really like these blogs!

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1 comment:

silken said...

what nice reviews! I truly appreciate your kind and encouraging comments. I too believe in helping prevent and overcome developmental problems using a natural approach. I agree that the use of TV, video games, etc has helped to propel these problems to epidemic proportions.