Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blog Review: ProfitSense - Make Money Online with ProfitSense Blogger

Blog Review:
ProfitSense - Make Money Online with ProfitSense Blogger

Wow. This is really interesting. I have had to learn something to get this review written and published. The author asks that we not only review the blog, but also to favorite his site in technorati. Now, I have to learn about technorati to do this. The author writes,

“Link my blog with and with the anchor text: Profitsense
Blogger, Make Money with etienne, & Make money online .

It is a simple Technorati favorite exchange. I want to see if it’s possible to boost my
Technorati ranking and yours with this trick. Everytime a blog is favorited in
Technorati, it’s rank will increase, that simple.

My User ID:Successevermore
My Link:

Once you have added me to your favorites please post
your blog and your Technorati username in the comments. I will add all the blogs
in the comments to my Technorati favorites and help you to increase your
ranking, but if you decide to review me and also add me in my technorati, please
do contact me through my email or leave me a comment and i will be glad to get
back to you.”
Okay, following the instructions, I have signed up with technorati and my button is at the bottom of this post. My tags are: developmental, developmental problems, developmental delay, developmental disability, developmental difficult, autism, aspergers, pdd-nos, adhd, add, gdd, capd, apd, dyslexia.

Now, I have gone to ProfitSense Blogger’s site and I have clicked his technorati button and registered his blog in my technorati account.

Finally, when I have posted this review, I expect ProfitSense Blogger will do this same activity for me. I will now modify my Example Reviews so that it includes this simple technirati exchange as well as the content review with my anchored links.

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