Sunday, December 30, 2007

Developmental Checklist can help you know.

Discover Our Free Developmental Checklist
We have been working with children with developmental concerns for many years. We use the terms developmental delays to encompass everything from Developmental Disability to
Developmental Delay, and even more. In our consulting program we consider them all fundamentally the same. They differ only by level of intensity. We have created protocols which succeed with the majority of the developmental issues. Our method assists the child’s inborn capability for developing. Our Free Developmental Checklist provides you the ability to get a handle on your child's developmental progress.
Rodger C Bailey, MS has degrees in Social Science and Educational Counseling. He provides Developmental Discovery System™ consulting for families, (English & Spanish), which assists the child’s inborn capability for developing. He now provides a Free Membership Site for parents concerned about the developmental process. It is free and costs you nothing to understand and learn more about your child's developmental process. Learn what you are missing.
Also, checkout his Developmental Discovery Blog and his free Free Developmental Checklist.

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thx u very much, i learn a lot